Why is that?


Because I guess deep down I know this relationship isn’t going to last but the other half of me thinks what would I do without him. I also never really know if I’m in love or not…

I had this great analogy types up and tumblr didn’t post it. That butt. So I’m going to paraphrase it because it took me forever to write and this time will never be as good.

If you don’t know if you truly are, than you’re not. There’s a fine line between infatuation and love. Real love, you know it with out a doubt.

It’s the difference between watching the ocean from a cliff and cliff diving into it. The first fills you with emotions that flee as soon as you leave, while the latter ensnares your conscious. It continually beacons you to return.

Hunny, who will you be without him, your beautiful self. What will you do, you’ll have more time to peruse your passions, the relationships with people who you care for but have let time slide past. You’ll have time to discover new loves and enjoyments. Figure our that maybe you really don’t like that type of pizza or the hair style he prefers on you. That you can live, thrive and achieve so much because being in a stagnant relationship really does hold one back from accomplishing amazing things. Don’t get sucked into the lie you need a man to be complete. Especially if this man doesn’t treat you like the queen you are. You are whole on your own. The first few months are going to be hell. But after that you’ll be fine and one day he will just pop up out of nowhere. Sweep you off your feet and woo your heart. That’s someone worth having.